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Bulgaria citizenship by investment

Bulgaria citizenship by investment program advantages

Bulgaria offers the optimal economic citzenship program in the EU

Bulgaria citizenship by investment program provisions

512 000 euro investment into the government interest-free bonds for 5 years.

2 investment options
  1. 5 years with a residence permit.
  2. Bulgaria citizenship
  3. Investment return.
  1. 2 years with resident status.
  2. Additional investment: 512 000 EUR into the government interest free bonds for 5 years
  3. Can be financed.
  4. Bulgaria citizenship.
  5. Investment return.
Financing the investment for Bulgaria citizenship program

Investment into government bonds can be fully financed by a Bulgarian bank with a condition of one non-refundable disbursement fee. An application for the financing can be submitted at any stage of the program.

Bulgaria citizenship by investment program requirements

  • One cannot be a citizen of another EU country.
  • One cannot have a criminal history.
  • One must prove the investment lawful origin.
  • One must prove the possession of 1 million euro worth of assets.
  • One must be personally present during the stages of submitting and receiving the documents.

In 2021 there are planned changes to Bulgaria citizenship program. This means that you'll still be able to get a Bulgaria citizenship only on different terms. So if you are interested in the Bulgaria citizenship program the way it was described here, our suggestion would be to contact us as soon as possible.

Bulgaria. Brief description

Capital: Sofia

Area: 110 994 km²

Population: 7  million

GDP: 729,043 billion USD

Language: Bulgarian

Year of independence: 1908

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