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Greece Golden Visa

Greece Residency by investment program advantages

The best residence by investment program in Europe because you can profit from your property investment

The Greece's Residence by investment program requirements

Owning a property

Owning a property in Greece worth 250 000 EUR minimum. Or having a signed agreement about the buying of the said property with realtor.

Renting a property

Commercial property renting agreement for for period of 15 years. The property must be used for tourist purposes and be rented by a legal person with one owner.

  1. You can invest in several properties with the combined worth of € 250 000.
  2. The minimum investment sum is coming  from the evaluation price, which may differ from the market price. The minimum investment requirement can be achieved with 150 000 EUR.

Resident by investment program in Greece does not allow one to work or do business in the courtly. It also isn't a way to the citizenship in the future.

The process of obtaiing residence perimit in Greece through investment

Residence permit in Greece must be renewed every 5 years. The condition for the renewal is if one continues to own or rents property in Greece. 

You can apply in the Greece consulate for a visa D.

The process usually takes around 3 months.

  1. 50% is paid up at the agreement signing stage.
  2. 40% is paid up before the submission of an application for visa D 
  3. 10% is paid up before submission of an application for a residence permit.

You can submit your application to the Office of foreign affairs in Greece.

The process usually takes around 1 month.

  1. 50% is paid up at the agreement signing stage.
  2. 40% is paid up befor submission of an application for a residence permit.
  3. 10% is paid up after receiving the residence permit in Greece.
The required documents for obtaining Greece golden visa
  • Notarized agreement about buying property.
  • Agreement about the document signing in the Land register. 
  • Notarized confirmation that the real estate is in accordance with immigration law (including the price)
  • Сonfirmation that the government levy was paid
  • Passport
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • You children’s birth certificates (if applicable)
  • Medical insurance
  • If the real estate isn’t in your posession yet, then instead of the first 4 documents in the list you should provide an agreement that was signed between you and realtor about the intention of buying a property. In that case there is an additional requirement to prove a possession of the necessary funds. Bank statement should suffice.

All documents need to be officially translated to the Greek language.

Greece. Brief description

Capital: Athens

Area: 131 957 km2 

Population: 10,72 million

GDP: 218 billion USD

Language: Greek

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