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Slovakia residency by investment

Slovakia residency by investment program advantages

Slovakia residency by investment means investing into the state approved project

Slovakia residency by investment program conditions

  • The size of investment required is 288 000 EUR.
  • The money will be  invested into the state approved project. 
  • The investment is carried out through the buying of the company – part owner of the project. Residence is issued to company’s director and members of his family. 
  • The project’s purpose –  creating the biggest logistics centre in Eastern Europe.

Required documents

  • Passport copy notarized in the Slovakia embassy.
  • Certificate of clean criminal record.
  • Consulate POA for representation of interests in the Slovakia police department for foreigners. 
  • Consulate POA for investing.
  • Bank statement that proves that the investor has €325.000.
  • Notarized and apostilled marriage certificate.
  • Notarized and apostilled birth certificate.
  • Parent declaration that he will provide financially for his children during their stay in Slovakia.
  • Consulate POA to represent interests of children in Slovakia police department.
  • Second parent’s consent for a child to become a resident of Slovakia.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Signed CV.
  • Thomson Reuters Due Dilligence Report.
  • 2 photos for passport, size  3х3,5 cm.

The process of obtaining Slovakia Residency by investment

  1. Submitting passport copies and initial application forms.

  2. Submitting signed agreement.

  3. Signing Agreement about opening escrow account and paying for the escrow agent services.

  4. Deposit the required investment to the escrow account, paying government levies.

  5. Submitting the necessary documents.

  6. Submitting notarized POA for filing background profile  to the Ministry of Finance and Migration department.

  7. Submitting background profile to Slovakia’s Ministry of finance.

  8. Receiving clearance (up to 30 days).

  9. Submitting background profile to the Slovakia’s Migration service.

  10. Receiving decision regarding the residence permit (up to 90 days).

  11. Slovakia visit to submit biometric data, finalizing investment paperwork and going through the medical check.

  12. Receiving Slovakia resident ID.

Slovakia Residency by investment program. Additional information

Slovakia is a prime leisure destination with luxury ski-resorts and a great place of doing business, with a solid economy in the middle of the EU.

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